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Feta- Odyssey brand (all flavors) 8oz

Feta- Odyssey brand (all flavors) 8oz

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Produced by Klondike Cheese

Odyssey® Feta Cheese is made using the freshest Wisconsin cow's milk with state of the art equipment, which yields a Feta cheese of superior quality and consistency. Feta is formed into white blocks then cured in salt brine. When stored fully submerged in salt water brine it can be kept for long periods of time if refrigerated.

Feta was first made in Greece from sheep or goat milk. In Wisconsin, producers make feta from cow milk. Cheesemakers refer to feta as "pickled" because after formation, it is packed in brine (salt and water) which produces a tart and salty flavor and gives the cheese a crumbly, moist texture. The brine preserves the cheese for approximately 6 months longer than most fresh cheeses.

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