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Variety Packs, aka-

Variety Packs, aka- "I Can't Choose"

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Don't know what to try for yourself, or to send to someone else? Let us help! Here are a few popular combinations we have pre-selected to help the decision process. These will come in just the shipping box (not a gift box), and as always, we can add a note!

1. All 8oz: Baby Swiss, Medium Cheddar, Pepper Jack, and Jack N Jill.

2. 16oz Baby Swiss, 8oz Limburger, 16oz 2 year aged Cheddar, 16oz Havarti

3.  16oz Colby, 8oz Morel & Leek Jack, 16oz Gouda, and 12oz Co-Lace

4. 16oz Cheddar Curds- 16oz Jack N Jill- 16oz  Munster- 16oz Butter Kase- 16oz Gouda- 16oz Baby Swiss.

5. 18oz Sausage, 16oz Mild Cheddar, 16oz Mild Swiss, and 16oz Mild Brick.

6. Hot, Hot, Hot!: 16oz Pepper Jack, 16oz Habenero Jack, 8oz Ghost Pepper Jack, 8oz Scorpion Cheddar, and 8oz Carolina Reaper Cheddar.

7. Top 20 Awards: 12oz English Hollow, 16oz Havarti, 5oz Black Pepper BellaVitano, and 12oz Grand Cru Surchiox.

8. Fruit Cheddars(all 8oz): Cranberry, Blueberry, Cherry, Apple/Cinnamon, and Maple Syrup.

9. All Smoked: 16oz Smoked String, 16oz Smoked Cheddar, 8oz Smoked Gouda, and 12oz Smoked Baby Swiss.