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Blue & Gorgonzola

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Black River Blue- A quality blue cheese made with cows milk using a well guarded recipe and fresh rBGH free milk.
Appearance is an ivory color with blue veining and a creamy, crumbly, and firm texture. It has aged for 60 days. 
Serve with fruit for dessert. Crumble on a salad. Use in pasta dishes.


Black River Gorgonzola- Exceptional flavor with a rich, creamy texture and beautiful, consistent veining. Made from cow's milk and aged over 90 days.
Serving suggestions: Spoon Gorgonzola into a small sauté pan; melt and toss with hot pasta, toasted pecans and sliced pears.


Carr Valley Glacier Wildfire Blue- Wildfire Blue is a semi-soft cheese made from cow's milk  in Wisconsin.  This hot blue cheese is ripened over 3 months that develops creamy and crispy flavors of a blue cheese which instantly melts in the mouth.  This artisan cheese tastes delicious with salads, mac and strawberries.



Maytag Blue-

Maytag is a blue cheese produced by Maytag Dairy Farms from the milk of prize-winning herd of Holstein cattle. The farm located outside Newton, Iowa has been making this handcrafted cheese since 1941 using traditional methods of curing. Even today, the blue cheese is not produced in huge quantities as the cheese makers want to ensure that only the best quality cheese reaches the consumers.

Maytag Blue cheese is ripened over six months during which it develops a dense, crumbly texture and semi-sharp flavour. Every bite of Maytag melts in the mouth releasing a slightly tangy flavour with a lemony finish. With its pungent odor, the cheese might not suit everyone’s tastes. The cheese delivered in decorative silver foil tastes delectable when crumbled into salads, crackers or melted onto a burger.

Also, try it with glass of ale or lager. Other cheeses from the farm include Natural White Cheddar, Cheddar Cheese Spread and Brick & Baby Swiss