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Cheese Curds, 16oz

Cheese Curds, 16oz

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16oz of fresh curds in your choice of flavor. Made right in Green County, these are sure to please!

Cheese curds are an essential product of the cheesemaking process. Before cheeses like cheddar are formed into blocks or wheels and aged, they start out as curds. Fresh cheese curds have a slightly rubbery texture and squeak when you eat them.
You may be wondering why a curd squeaks. The elastic protein strands in cheese curds rub against the enamel of your teeth and create the squeak. This characteristic sound of a curd is the sign of its freshness. After twelve hours or so, curds will begin to lose their squeak. After a couple of days, you can restore their squeak with a few seconds in the microwave.
For optimal freshness and squeakiness, curds should be eaten the day they are produced, but can last for several days in the refrigerator.